Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Tim BurtonIt’s hard to decide what to make of Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton’s adaptation of the musical of the same name.

On one hand, the opening scene introduces Johnny Depp’s Benjamin Barker as a tragic figure – flashbacks show the happily married Benjamin getting dragged away and jailed for a crime he didn’t commit…


Like The Producers, Rent is about two months late. But truly, for a show like Rent, it's better late than never. If you missed the

Still Crazy

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, the screenwriters of The Commitments essentially pick up where the epilog to that film left off, replacing the first band with "Strange Fruit," a contrived 70s "supergroup" (and I say that kindly) that sounds like a cross between the Nick Lowe side of Rockpile

Moulin Rouge

Oh. Oh, my. It's a modern day... m-m-m-musical. As in, people singing songs that push along the story line as they jump around lamp posts and roll across pianos. Different folks, different strokes, but Oliver Stone's The Doors is about as close as this little light bulb likes to