THE LOST INTERVIEW: David Lynch in Prague

David Lynch in PragueDavid Lynch, the famous cult director, writer and painter, visited Prague, Czech Republic in June 1996 together with his “family” music composer Angelo Badalamenti to make recording of the music soundtrack for Lynch’s film LOST HIGHWAY. The July/August `96 issue of the Czech magazine Kinorevue featured an interview with David Lynch filled with a few photos and even an image drawn by Lynch himself especially for Kinorevue.

Walking Disaster

Mention Royston Tan, and probably most Singaporeans have heard of his work, 15, if not seen it.

Masters of High Trash

That The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King received 11 Oscars is more than a little surprising if one takes into account the journey that brought director Peter Jackson to this pinnacle of filmmaking.