Animate me.

Long gone are the days of old school cartoons that run along the lines of Bambi or Snow White. Those classics were the start of a whole new dimension that would lead us to the present day moving coloured images that are as realistic as it gets. No doubt, animation has transcended into a real walking talking life-like deal. We are at present surrounded by animation. The art of animation is now being used not only for entertainment purposes but also to enhance educational material..

Reflex, reflex, reflex…

I’m tired of reflexivity. Sure, it was cool the first time I read a book which was about making a book. For one, it was Kundera. He has a way of making writing a book all about sex, which combines two of my favourite activities in one. Plus, it wasn’t smutty, which makes it very palatable.


The first one’s a hit; the second’s a marvel, and the third? Did 2007 turn out to be the year of the triquel?