Back to Black & White

Why watch old movies? Why spend an evening with long-dead and (sometimes long-forgotten) movie stars, who can?t even manage to be in colour? What relevance do the movies of the ?30s and ?40s have for us today? Well, for one thing, the really good ones are a lot less boring than

Film Art

Some tease. Some entice us to go to a theater. Some even end up on our walls, at a price. Cinemalicious recently learned that certain film posters can eventually become more valuable than the films they promote... Often the most indelible and iconic images in cinema

Bollywood Tourism

It’s an emerging global battle between Tourism Boards to rope in to the Bollywood saga. Bollywood is the international and the most popular definition of the Hindi language movie sector in India, which is perhaps one of the world’s largest too.

Hollywood in Prague: Some History

The Year 1988 A. D. , 10:45 am, LA, California USA. I parked by a boarded-up gas station. As I stepped out onto the gravelled lot a tumbleweed blew past me. I could see nothing on the horizon…

I Was a Star Fleet Flunky…

I always wanted to be an extra on Star Trek… Ever since I was a small child, the universe about me has been inhabited by remnants of the Federation of Planets.

State of the Movie Arts

The lights start to dim to a gradual darkness and once masked in a blanket of pitch dark, the screen before you starts to light up. Sound and images merge to a fusion displayed through the giant canvas…

Where’s Mickey?

Where’s our little pal? Where’s the guy from our childhood, have we done something wrong? Is that why we have not seen him in years?