The long way – ??rka Ullrichov

?Trading in tabloids, bad boys, and too many late nights for the fashionable village life, Czech actress ??rka Ullrichov? talks about new beginnings... ???rka Ullrichov? has been to hell and back, and unlike many who have gone there and lived to tell the tale, has found an

Rock Beats Film

He's known as The Rock, but you can also call him Dwayne. During a surprise stop in the city last month, we met up with the former wrestler and emerging movie megastar to discuss his accelerating film career... Just a little over a decade ago, Dwayne Johnson spent

Inside the Extra’s Studio

An awesome spoof on the tv show Inside the Actor's Studio, featuring Frank Holden and Gerard Whelan, also known as Vampire #3 in Blade II...

A Pretty Woman Goes To War

She was away for a while, but one of Hollywood's biggest stars of 1990s blew us away onscreen in her most sophisticated role to date. Just don?t call Julia Robert?s return a comeback... Hard to believe, but Julia Roberts is now 41, married and has

Iron men (and women) we have loved

Who doesn't love our robot friends, even the ones that want to wipe us out? Cinemalicious this week takes a look at some of filmdom's finest tincan companions... {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} The star of Pixar's ninth consecutive computer animated hit was a plucky little sentient

What drives Ford…

Harrison FordHarrison Ford is one of the most successful actors of his generation. Recently, however, his portrayal of more complex characters suggests that there is more to this action hero than Indiana Jones and Han Solo, or his even fleeting interview in the new Bruno mocumentary…

Think Cinema went in search of the man within…

Reflecting with Jackie Chan

jackie chan interview

Before the release of what could be Jackie Chan’s most dramatic role to date, Scott Murphey sat down with the actor to talk about his career, his life lessons and the city that he loves…

Q & A with Hugh Laurie

Hugh LaurieThespian, author, musician and known motorcycle nut, Hugh Laurie returns as television’s most gifted but difficult doctor in the fifth season of House to torment fellows, save patients and perhaps find love with Dr Cuddy.

Since moving to the US Hugh Laurie’s career has gone from strength to strength. Not only is his hit series House M.D. a must-see but thanks to his portrayal of an embittered maverick doctor he is Hollywood’s most unlikely pin-up, yet he is unable to watch himself on screen.

Instead, self-deprecating Laurie says his role as a cockroach in the upcoming Monsters vs Aliens is more true to life.

Last season, the series ended on a heartbreaking note when Dr Wilson, House’s best friend, lost his girlfriend in a horrific accident.

Season five opens with House grappling with the possibility of losing his best friend and an amorous development in his relationship with his boss Dr Cuddy.