Dead Man’s Shoes

Two brothers return to the home town they left years before. They are close, but very different: Richard is strong and purposeful, Anthony younger, more hesitant. {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} Everything Richard does, Anthony innocently mimics. He is slightly retarded and completely in awe of his brother, who in turn is very protective of him.

Emberek a havason (Men on the Mountain)

The first film by Hungarian director Istv?n Sz?ts tells the story of a woodcutter who moves his family into the serene mountains of Transylvania in search of a better life, only finding tragedy instead. {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} Deviating from mainstream comedies and melodramas of wartime

Class Action

Jeb Ward is an attorney who specializes in whistle blower, David vs. Goliath, type cases. {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} He finds a client who is suing an auto company over a safety problem that has had a severe effect on his life after the accident.

Nil by Mouth

Big fun in London in this dark tale of modernist dispair... Ray has a shirt with an Yves Saint-Laurent logo and a scar on his back like tire tracks. At 30, his wife, Valerie, looks like she gave up trimming her hair at 28. Her eyes are sunken;

La Vida Que Te Espera (Your Next Life)

{loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} La Vida Que Te Espera (Your Next Life) takes place in Valle del Pas, Cantabria, Northern Spain in the present day. Tough times for the cattle farmers, they're being forced to limit their milk production in order to satisfy the European Union regulations. Gildo (Juan

Night and Fog

Night and Fog

Simon Yam’s harrowing performance and Ann Hui’s assured direction makes the dark domestic violence saga Night and Fog a tour-de-force…

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (Cannot Live Without You)

Cannot live without you

Cannot Live Without You, a movie based on real-life characters and incidents, is an amazing film, taking home four awards at the Taipei Film Festival, including Best Film and Best Actor and won the Grand Prize at Japan’s Skip City International D-Cinema Festival.

The Savages One wonders how The Savages can be billed as a comedy. It's a tale of two siblings reuniting to take care of their estranged, elderly and ailing father. There are a few laughs here and there, but overall it's a brutally frank look at the realities of