Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton (check out the Widescreen Edition) is an in-house "fixer" at one of the largest corporate law firms in New York. At the behest

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia (check out the Widescreen Edition) weaves a fictionalised tale of obsession, love, corruption, greed and depravity around the true story of the brutal murder of a fledgling Hollywood starlet that shocked and fascinated the nation in 1947 and remains unsolved today.

The Watcher

The Watcher is the cinematic equivalent of going to a moderately-priced restaurant, ordering a decent meal, only to have it just lie there on your plate and stare back at you. You're not expecting haute cuisine in The Watcher, but you do expect your meal to have some taste. Ever

From Hell

A few years ago when Thinky caught wind that From Hell (Z Pekla in Czech), an amazing graphic novel penned by one of the worlds most under-rated writers, Alan Moore, was going into production, he got a hard on. From Hell (check out the Widescreen Edition) was shot in

Along Came a Spider

Hey look at me! I'm Morgan Freeman! I've become the most typecast actor in Hollywood! I'm a serious, slow-moving, smart, cautious and beard stroking veteran police investigator! {iframe}http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=cinema-think-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=B00003CXUY&fc1=000000&IS2=1<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"{/iframe}I figure out who did all these horrible murders! I have pretty sidekicks and lots of haunting