Phileine Says sorry (Phileine zegt sorry)

Dutch girl is getting sick of always losing her boyfriends, so when she loses her newest "gain" she decides to follow Max (her friend) to New York where he's starting a carreer as an actor. Soon she finds herself in the most bizarre situations like doing "Harry & Sally"'s famous

The Terminal

In The Terminal, Steven Spielberg creates an alternate universe within an airport where its citizens are fluid and ever changing. However, a strange twist of fate

The Best Bet

Once again, a movie about Singaporeans by Singaporeans. This time it surrounds the Singapore dream - to be able to strike 4D and bag that fortune with a happy smile. But what happens when greed steps in? Things start to get ugly of course. The Best Bet is a movie

Legally Blonde

This film begins, continues and ends with a one-line situation comedy joke: Bubble-headed blonde enrolls in Harvard Law School to win back her boyfriend. But Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) is far smarter than anyone gives her credit for. The movie's two jokes, repeated over and over, consist