Very Bad Things

In a year filled with jokes about death and bodily secretions, Very Bad Things easily ranks as the most tasteless, wickest comedies ever. Writer-director Peter Berg,

Nurse Betty

Chris Rock is a brilliant comedian, but you don't give Colin Powell an HBO Comedy Special and you shouldn't cast Rock as a street-tough hit-man with an itchy trigger finger, especially an un-funny itchy trigger finger. Nurse Betty is a black comedy that's heavy on the black and light

The Man Who Wasn’t There

The Coen brothers are back in this noir-period piece set in 1940s Pasadena, California, lengthening their subscription to the claim that among all the hacks in the business today, they can truly be called artists. There is no femme fatale in The Man Who Wasn't There, but all the other

Little Nicky

Okay: Adam Sandler is a heavy metal listening dork whose dad is Satan (who is also Harvey Keitel) and who falls in love with the slightly dorky Patricia Arquette. As Sandler and friends seek to restore the balance of Good and Evil in the world, they encounter a list of