Monsters Versus Aliens

An alien invasion once again threatens Earth, but this time some older baddies from our past want a crack at the creeps. Just to add a little parallel, Dreamworks wants a crack at your wallet and Pixar’s 3D animation market share, so who will win out? Just about anyone after a lighthearted flick built around the dated monsters of the 50s and the outmoded model of extraterrestrial threats.


The story begins with the origins of the central monster in this mess, one Susan, or Ginormica as she is named when she reaches her full 50′ height. A distant planet explodes, sending shards in every direction, including toward us. As luck would have it, Susan is in the line of fire as the rock crashes to earth on her wedding day.

Her sudden transformation into the 50′ Woman (sans the 50s vengefulness) lands her in a secret prison where some other familiar 50s icons await, all imprisoned after their own debuts. The missing link (a take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon), Dr. Roach (a ripoff of the Fly), Insectasaurus (a 265′ tall grub) and Bob, (a comic relif “blob” with no brain) are all tenants of the prison, from which she is told she will never leave.

Of course, that marriage-wrecking rock brings the attention of the destroyer of the previous world, one evil octopoid alien (Gallaxhar) whose need for the element now in her bloodstream means a conquest is in order. The failures of the military, the president’s musical talents and a number of other cliches lead to the inevitable, the demand by General W.R. Monger that his monsters meet the threat head on.