The Assassination Of Richard Nixon

When the American dream collides with harsh reality in The Assassination Of Richard Nixon, the aftermath is both humbling and poignant. The film opens with the American President proselytising on television screens to the nation. These grainy TV images quickly establish the theme of isolation from and frustration with a

National Treasure: The Book Of Secrets

Benjamin Gates has spent a lifetime hunting treasures that have been lost to history. But when a secret from the past is uncovered, history will be re-written and his family name tarnished. On a quest to restore his family's honour, he must chase the truth behind the assassination of Abraham

Tomb Raider

Why is everyone trying to call a this a poor woman's Raider's of the Lost Ark? Tomb Raider is based on a video game, folks! A video game inspired story thus has a different set of filmic expectations to match - which this does it high fashion. Angelina Jolie's Lara