The Polar Express

The Academy Award-winning team of Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Cast Away) reunite for The Polar Express, an inspiring adventure based on the beloved children?s book by Chris Van Allsburg. {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole, he embarks on a

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Why are they remaking every good film that ever existed? What's next, a remake of Ghostbusters?? Burton offered no new insight into the Planet of the Apes and there really is no need for this version. I guess Roald Dahl did not like Gene Wilder's version because it wasn't dark enough and

Spy Kids

Antonio Banderas stars in this high-tech Harry Potter with a McDonald's tie-in. And - surprise - it sucks, even for the kiddies. This is one smelly little turd of a movie - utterly devoid of any originality or charm, and so loaded down with clumsy effects it drags