The Avengers secret agent John Steed and his deadly smart partner, Mrs. Emma Peel, crime fighters from the hit series The Avengers are back, reinvented for the 90's and pitted against a new and devilishly clever nemesis: Sir August De Wynter, played by Sean Connery. See: The Avengers

Bourne Ultimatum

Rogue agent Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is being hunted by the people in the CIA who trained him to be an assassin. In the The Bourne Ultimatum (check out the Widescreen Edition), Jason Bourne is still suffering from amnesia and determined to finally learn of his true identity, he is lured

The Good Shepherd

Edward Wilson understands the value of secrecy - discretion and commitment to honour have been embedded in him since childhood. The Good Shepherd (check out the Widescreen Edition) is the tale of an eager, optimistic student at Yale, recruited to join the secret society Skull and Bones, a

The World Is Not Enough

After the oil tycoon Sir Robert King is killed in a bombing at the MI6 headquarters, his calculating daughter Elektra inherits his fortune - and the majority of the rights to six trillion dollars worth of oil deposits King Enterprises recently discovered in the Caspian Sea. As Turkey, Russia and