A terrorist bomb tragedy is such a hot button plot device in movies right now that it almost seems useless to show another one. But Rendition

Man on Fire

Government operative Creasy as portrayed by Denzel Washington is a wasted soul who has turned to alcohol after blaming himself for a past he can't let go.


What would you do if you received a cell phone call from a kidnapped woman desperate for help? Is the plot that thin? {loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent2} Yep, this is that time of year where most of the movies stink (points to Resident Evil), but


What smells like fish and tastes like John Travolta? Vinnie Barbarino chews more scenery in Swordfish a flashy misfire worst than George Bush at an Iraqi press conference. No shoe-throwing, but lots of explosions and Johnny T. double fisting machine guns out the top of a convertible at 100 mph

Proof of Life

This State Department approved tale of faceless coca growing hijackers absconding with an American engineer is just in time for the Plan Columbia propaganda push. But mostly Proof of Life is just an action/thriller/romance about getting the Rich White Guy back into the arms of Rich White Lady Meg