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Samsung Galaxy Camera
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Is it just me, or have cameras become smarter than people?

With the Samsung Galaxy Camera’s sleek sleek design, capturing the magic-moments in your life is a real nobrainer, making it the perfect camera for anyone wanting a seamless photography experience. From the moment you pick it up, you will be amazed by its many remarkable features that allow you many different digital and optical zooming abilities, effortless grabbing photos that are also a breeze to work with thanks to the inbuilt picture-editing app.

Slow motion hardy feature
Samsung cleverly figured out that it’s sometimes better to take is slow than normal or fast. So whenever you want to see your action star in great detail, now you can thanks to this feature which captures a time slow motion clip real-time at a rate of 120 frames per second, making sure you don’t miss even a single move, all without sacrificing the video quality at a high resolution of 720×480 pixels. For you amateur low-fil film makers, you’ll know what a blessing this is!

The touch screen & picture realism
Once you’ve captured your scene, you won’t have to rush home to the computer computer to review or work with your files. Now you can easily do this directly via the Samsung Galaxy Camera’s 4.77 inch TFT touch screen. With brilliant real colors at high resolutions (308 pixels per Inch) you can enjoy your photos on the go in full HD (High Definition). Never before has movie recording and playback ever been so easy!

Samsung Galaxy Camera organic design/ voice control
Don’t worry if the camera seems smarter than you, just go with it… simply activate any photo-taking action by placing your fingers where they go and catch a high quality photo without shaking and interfering with the picture capturing cycle. The design of the camera is the ultimate intuitive interface, second only to the human breast and both have an aesthetic beauty that simply keeps your fingertips in place. And like a baby can make his wishes known to mommy, this device comes with a voice activated command feature allowing you to control it by your voice!

Photo and Movie Wizard
Aside from taking great pictures anywhere and anytime, you can also make your own fully edited movies on the fly, in a process that is absolutely simple and easy. The photo editing suite uses the latest technology – Auto Face Calibration to ensure you catch amazing moments, and then just use the touch screen to make, edit and preview your new movie on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Data transfer
As with all things in life, sharing is half the fun, and now you can do so using the camera’s in-built WIFI and 3G direct features. The SMART content manager is there for file management tasks like editing, deleting and moving around, and organizing in folders is a snap as well, giving you neat freaks the maximum organizational capacity of any image capture device, in an easily accessible and practical manner. So whether for work or for play, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is not just a camera, its your new smart friend!

Check it out as James Franco takes the Samsung Galaxy Camera through it’s paces:

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