Ny?cker! (The District!)

The District - Ny?cker! 2005

?Budapest gets the South Park treatment in District, a rap-infused, animated musical love story that morphs into a satiric geopolitical thriller? (Variety).


A group of kids from the slums devise a totally reasonable way to get rich. Find a way to go back in time, bury a pit full of mammoths under the Hungarian capital, then return to the present and start drilling for the oil.

When this actually happens, they find some unwelcome company ?Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, and George W. Bush. The visual style, a blend of collage, photo cutouts, and animation, is worth the price of admission alone.

The insane story is an added bonus. In the midst of it all, star-crossed teen love is in bloom. This outrageous and visually stunning animated satire plays like an unhinged ghetto updating of Romeo & Juliet smash-filtered through a politically-charged ? and politically-incorrect – kaleidoscope of clashing world views and social unrest, complete with musical numbers and a wicked soundtrack of Hungarian hip-hop.

You have never seen anything like it. In Hungarian with optional English subtitles.