Emberek a havason (Men on the Mountain)

Evangelion: 1.0

The first film by Hungarian director Istv?n Sz?ts tells the story of a woodcutter who moves his family into the serene mountains of Transylvania in search of a better life, only finding tragedy instead.


Deviating from mainstream comedies and melodramas of wartime Hungary, this film captures the hardships of people living in such a beautiful yet harsh environment.

Also known as People of the Alps, Men on the Mountain was shot on location in Transylvania with a straightforward realist aesthetic and a devotion to the details of daily life, both of which made a sizeable impression on the emerging Italian Neorealists. Winner of the Biennale Award at the Venice Film Festival, it is based on a novel by J?zsef Nyir?. Released in 1942, in 2000, it was also chosen by critics as one of the Budapest 12, a list of the 12 best Hungarian films.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube:

In Hungarian with English subtitles.