A Very Long Engagement


It is 1919. Mathilde is 19 years old. Two years earlier, her fianc? Manech left for the Somme war front.


Like millions of others, the official records state that he has been “killed in action”. However, Mathilde refuses to believe this. If Manech had really died, she would have known.

She follows her intuition, hoping it will lead her back to her lover. Although an ex-sergeant tries to convince her that Manech died in a no man’s land known as ?Bingo Cr?puscule,? along with four other soldiers all condemned to death for self-inflicted wounds, Mathilde refuses to give up. With courage and determination, she undertakes an extraordinary counter investigation.

Despite coming up against false hopes and uncertainties, she will, little by little, unravel the truth behind Manech’s fate, as well as those of his comrades. Mathilde is fearless ? nothing seems impossible to those who defy fate.