Eden Lake


With so many sensationalist newspaper headlines about youth knife crime in the UK, Eden Lake sets the story alive. Steve and his girlfriend Jenny escape London for a romantic weekend in the countryside, where he intends to propose.

They head for a beautiful, secluded lake, and while sunbathing, the peace is shattered by 16-year-old bully Brett and his sniggering posse: Cooper, Harry, Mark, Paige and Ricky. Tensions between the couple and the noisy youths escalate and eventually a fight breaks out resulting in the accidental death of Brett?s snarling Rottweiler. Steve and Jenny then flee into the surrounding woodland and Brett and his posse give chase, determined to exact bloody revenge.

Once caught, Steve is strung up with barbed wire and stabbed repeatedly to within an inch of his life. The two main characters develop their screen chemistry gradually in the opening scenes but spend most of the second half of the film apart, the former caked in mud and wailing like a banshee. The countryside is soon strewn with freshly spilled blood and charred flesh, and when poor Jenny does eventually escape the forest, she realizes to her terrible cost why Eden Lake is advertised as a gated community?