Bill Maher on the set of Religulious

Comedian Bill Maher is informative, irreverent and dismissive in this funny, thought provoking semi-documentary about religion.


Maher believes that religion is one of the greatest scams that has ever been perpetuated by mankind and spends the entire film skewering Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and, yes, Scientology.

While he comes off as one sided when confronting truckers at a trailer church in the States, his time with "Jesus" at a Christian amusement park is thoroughly illuminating, as are his conversations with clueless Christian senators and a high ranking Vatican official who scoffs at many of man’s beliefs today.

Maher certainly has an agenda during his global tour and unfortunately he may just be preaching to those with similar views, but his rational arguments do ring true more off en than not. Worth seeing this Christmas season, and an even better stocking stuff for your evangelical aunt who keeps warning that you’re going to burn in eternal hellfire.