Roommates, a real odd couple


Another great 90’s flick, (inspired by a true story), Roommates begins with Rocky Holeczek, a 77-year-old widowed baker (played convincingly by Peter Falk) who has to step in to raise his 5-year-old orphaned grandson, Michael.

The movie follows the pair over the next 30 years, as the aging Rocky guides Michael into manhood and fatherhood. D.B. Sweeney (as the adult Michael) is particularly endearing when he attempts to cope with medical school, love affairs, and having the irascible Rocky as a roommate.

Julianne Moore plays Beth, Michael’s romantic interest, and Ellen Burstyn is fabulous as her mother. Both heartwarming and heart wrenching, Roommates is a sweet mix of male bonding, aging, parenting, and grief. Bring your tissues and let loose with a cathartic, soul-cleansing cry.