Fuck off avant gardists


For how much longer must we tolerate your elite nepotistic enclave, your sacred art object economy, your white, male, liberal guilt complex, your public school masonic fraternity, your fish fetish, your shaved heads, your artistic anal craft professionalism, your adolescent narcissism, your psycho-linguistic gobbledegook, your cottage in Provence, your rabid careerism, your bogus radicalism, your-half-naked lovers, your intellectual bankruptcy, your art school tutorials, your intoxicating brown-nosing, your catholic opera cult, your international bourgeois tourism, your water rituals, your meaningful silence, your state funded cynicism, your sado-masochistic posturing, your inability to comprehend film as anything other than your archaic fine art mysticism, your fashion victims, your fields of wheat, your church-based installation worship, your desperate search for marginality, your corrupt non-industry, your contempt for anyone outside of your pathetic clique, your boring, lazy, unwatchable films, your computer video masturbation, your insatiable ego-mania?

It was you who consigned the Underground to 20 years of drivel. We’ve had enough, so FUCK OFF.