IP Man: The Legend is Born

Indeed this folk hero was under huge influences from his two kung fu masters Chan Wah-shun and Leung Pik way back when he was just a young grasshopper.

Therefore their master-disciple relationships take up quite a significant portion of the plot in this movie. Another person that we shouldn?t miss out when we talk about IP Man is his step-brother IP Tin-chi, who IP Man discovers is an undercover assassin sent by the Japanese army.

To Checkley Sin?s (producer of IP Man 1 & 2) credit, this prequel showcases some rarely seen Wing Chun techniques, e.g. leg work and wrestling. If you are hungry for more vivid and vigorous actions, the must-see scenes are the several different combat match ups between real-life professionals competing in Wing Chun with different kinds of martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Boxing… really amazing stuff!

The trailer in Chinese: