?CU 2011


– Dramatic Feature
– Dramatic Short
– Documentary
– Animation
– Experimental

– Dramatic Feature
– Dramatic Short
– Documentary

– Student Film


ÉCU 2011 will also be hosting its Much More Than A Script Competition!

Since its inception six years ago, The European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU) has become the premier arena in Europe for independent filmmakers to screen their films to international audiences, to network with industry professionals as well as exchange ideas with other indie filmmakers.

There are ten competitive categories in the festival, with twenty awards culminating in the prestigious title of "Europe’s Best Independent Film" award. Novice and experienced film makers alike are already salivating…

For industry professionals who got to experience ÉCU 2010 – professional filmmakers, agents, production company representatives, distributors and established producers dressed to impressed – came in search of new projects and raw talent. What they found was a future generation of filmmakers who exceeded all expectations.

The early deadline for submissions is November 21, 2010 and the late deadline is January 9, 2011. A Withoutabox extended deadline is available through January 16th 2011. Independent filmmakers are invited to submit their films at www.ecufilmfestival.com.

But what about the Much More Than A Script Competition?

Well, this is the fourth Much More than a Script Competition. As part of the ÉCU 2011 film festival, the script competition’s focus is on independent screenplays, that is, scripts that aren’t aimed at mainstream Hollywood film markets (you know, the good stuff). Writers are invited to submit their short or feature-length scripts at www.ecufilmfestival.com as well.

Even more ECU 2011 events!

ÉCU 2011 will be featuring an exciting array of workshops hosted by dozens of industry experts. The workshops will cover a variety of topics relating to cinema including writing, directing, acting, editing and distribution. These events offer the unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business and hopefully some of the shine will rub off on you.

Directors will also have the chance to talk to the audience and with other filmmakers during the "meet-the-directors" panel discussions that follow each screening. All good stuff, so get online and register today!