Run, Fatboy, Run

Run Fatboy RunDavid Schwimmer’s directorial debut Run, Fatboy, Runalt is similar to the character he portrayed on Friends for a decade: it’s quirky, kind hearted, often funny and also annoying.

British comedian Simon Pegg stars as the immature and irresponsible Dennis Doyle, a man who ran out on his pregnant wife Libbie (Thandie Newton) on the day of the wedding at the start of the film.

Jump forward five years – Doyle’s a single loser regretting his decision and Libby is in a happy relationship the seemingly perfect Whit (Hank Azaria).

The film follows a predictable formula. Every attempt by Doyle to impress Libby and his son is outdone by Whit. So when Whit reveals he’s about to run in a marathon, Doyle joins. At first he does it just to one-up Whit, but later realizes that the marathon basically symbolizes his life and this time, he can’t quit halfway.

Despite relying on cheap visual gags, the film is entertaining and has its own little charm.