Monsters Versus Aliens

The film plays with and almost manages to all-ages its humor, much of which will be lost on younger moviegoers. Indeed, I myself was only slightly clued into the insider jokes based on material culled from the 50s-era science fiction films the project lampoons to a degree, despite my avid viewing of those old gems. Expect to scratch your head a bit. You might also notice certain chauvinistic traces here and there, despite the obvious girl-power themes.

{loadpositioncontent_adsensecontent} Kids will enjoy the cute creatures and robotic probe giants of the adversarial Gallaxhar, but will find some of the jokes and even a few interpersonal dramatic moments off-putting. The pace will keep them interested, but expect waning attention in the last 20 minutes or so, as the movie stretches beyond the climax too long, and all perhaps in order to allude to future MvA endeavours.

Despite its flaws, one can call this a A-grade spood in full 3D (glasses definitely recommended) of B-grade horror and sci-fi flicks, and its themese are essentially whole-family acceptable. It’s no Pixar effort, though, and the writing seems muddles with cross-genre junk at times, though the animation and technical work is superb.  Viewing is recommended but not essential for the auteur by any means. The previews for “Up” a coming Pixar attraction, did look wonderful in 3D.

A very robust little site full of fluff on this film can be found here, if you are looking for some fun moments and wallpapers for your system.