Le Grand Chef

Le Grand Chef is a clever film is based on the bestselling manga Sik-gaek by Heo Yeong-Nam, with acting as sharp as the knife which the film revolves around…

Introduced during a press conference when a Japanese representative brings out a cooking knife of a special kind, a knife belonging to the last Korean royal chef of Chosun Dynasty who cut his arms with this knife to show his loyalty to the king and the country.

The Japanese politician was deeply moved by his story and he decided to bring the knife back to Japan.

And now, his son came to Korea to return the precious knife back to the one who really deserves to own it. So he announced a cooking contest to find the best cook for this knife.

Thus the grandsons of the two last apprentices of the royal chef participate to compete for the first place. The competition comprises of five levels of cooking match and the two survives to the final…