Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster

Mention Royston Tan, and probably most Singaporeans have heard of his work, 15, if not seen it. But talk about Michael Lim, and most people would be wondering who the heck he is. Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial director.

He has worked on numerous film and video productions in Singapore, UK, US and Australia for over 10 years, and is well-known as a director who excels in production and post-production work.


He has worked for international advertising agency Young & Rubicam in Australia, as well as National Geographic Channel, and Fox Studios Australia, and also for the United Nations.

His first short film, Closing Hours, has been screened in film festivals worldwide and won the trophy award at the 1998 Rochester International Film Festival. Another film, Ruby Flowers was placed in the top five of the regional Panasonic Digital Filmmaker’s competition in the Professional category.

This year, Michael was the only filmmaker from Asia to be shortlisted for the Getty Images’ “The Next Big Idea” competition for his first animation film, Walking Disaster, (pictured, above) a commentary on how the state of the world ‘affects’ or ‘effects’ children worldwide. In fact, he went through 10 versions of the film before the final edit, which was shortlisted for the award.

Keep a lookout for Walking Disaster!