RESFEST Singapore

resfestIf you have the desire to become the next George Lucas or Spielberg, or Kurosawa, sitting on your butts and doing absolutely nothing about it might not be such a good idea. Instead, how about considering taking part in the RESFEST Singapore 2006?


Sponsored by Panasonic, with partners like Canon, Audi and Getty Images, which hosts “The Next Big Idea” competition, also a film competition, and developed in 1996 by the RES Media Group, which focuses on digital filmmaking.

RESFEST brings together more than 150 cutting-edge features and short subjects – narratives, music videos and documentaries – all made without the aid of traditional celluloid, which will probably go bust in a few years’ time, considering the pace of digital media projection today.

It travels the world – last year, it touched down in a whopping 35 cities in 15 countries, including London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Melbourne, to name some.

If you are a budding film maker, and are keen to send in a submission, do so quickly. Late submission closes 12th May 2006, and instructions will be sent to you on registration to tell you what you need to submit, and more. More details at