The Pledge Phuket

the pledge phuket

Have you ever considered participating in a triathlon? I seem to already hear responses like “no time”, “I’m beat after work” or “I’ve better things to do than torture myself, thank you”. Well, I haven’t even gone on to elaborate that this triathlon in question is called the Thai Airways International Laguna Phuket Triathlon – comprising a 1.5km swim in both fresh and salt water followed by a 40km bike ride across harsh terrain and finishing with an arduous 10km run.

Laguna Phuket TriathlonIt is easy to neglect our health and make excuses for not exercising enough in our highly urbanized Singapore.

But some 400 ordinary folks like you and me dared to take The Pledge to complete this ultimate challenge. The whole process from the selection, to the months of grueling training with world-class trainers, nutritionists and facilities, the bonding, the various practice triathlons right to the fortnight training at Phuket culminating to the final event come Dec 4 will be recorded.

Training is well underway as you’re reading this and the number of main contestants trimmed to 15 based on the X-Factor, zest for life and sense of humour etc.

Though they are of diverse nationalities, all are based in Singapore and share a common goal to better their lives through this race to compete against him or herself by overcoming mental blocks.


And this is the brainchild of Lennie Hill, 39 – master trainer and main host for this 13-parter, slated around next March on cable.

The first 12 episodes will focus on 1 main contestant to track his/her physical and emotional journey, including a task specifically engineered to target his/her particular weakness. Another humanistic hook to watch for is how each contestant plugs a noble cause for eg child adoption in Thailand to lessen the large number of orphans.

The 13th episode will chronicle their journey to Phuket for their final preparations for the intimidating obstacles that await them. You’ll find out if all fulfill their Pledge and support one another in doing so!

Lennie together with Nick Thomas (Managing Director), Kerry Ball (Finance Director) and Guy Ermer (Production Director) form Push Marketing, the outfit spearheading this intimate profiling of both Phuket’s and the contestants’ “rebirth”.

“I’ve lost friends and loved ones to the Phuket tsunami thus have been greatly inspired to show people that Phuket is back and beautiful! This would also fill the void for lifestyle fitness shows on TV about being fit at 40 and motivating average Joes”, said Lennie.

When quizzed during separate interviews on the most memorable contestant to date, both Lennie and Kerry voted for Singaporean, Stephanie Goh.

phuket marathonLennie shared, “Before she started, she had such serious weight problems that she could not even walk up the stairs. Now, she has not only lost 10kg, she can even run for 8km and has participated in a relay during a recent triathlon!”

It is precisely because of such compelling motivational forces that make Lennie willing to sacrifice even the shirt off his back to help the contestants cross the finishing line and complete this series.

According to him, it has garnered support from celebrity hosts like Nadya Hutagalung and Vivian Tan and stamps of approval from both the tourism boards of Singapore and Thailand for its realistic and exotic portrayal of landmarks like Fort Canning, Sentosa and Botanic Gardens where the contestants trained such as by climbing flights of stairs while indulging in the fresh air and lush greenery.

The utmost beauty of it all is what you see is what you get! There are completely no scripted lines or rehearsed movements for contestants and no prize whatsoever for winning the triathlon. The only and most fulfilling reward is gaining true courage, friendship and the satisfaction of having turned one’s life around!

Can’t wait to watch already? Then keep your eyes open for updates and remember, you read it first in Think!