Thinky’s Film Guide: Life rains upon us!

When a light bulb cries, does it risk electrocution? We’re about to find out, in this installment of Thinky’s film guide, and I’m all choked up about it.

Over the past twelve years, Thinky has tried to bring you criticism with the aid of the most up-to-date film reviewing technologies available. And given our limited budget, I’d say I’ve been relatively successful.

According to the International Society of Film Critics, Thinky has been on target with his opinions a good 76% of the time, putting him just below the Kampula Daily and just above the Oregonian, respectively. Has Thinky been arrogant in his judgments? On occasion. Has Thinky reviewed films he has never seen, nor ever had any intention of seeing? Oh, yes.

But has Thinky always tried to be fair and balanced, ever mindful of his readers’ need to be entertained? Of their need to be distracted from the horrors and banality of modern civilization? Yes, that too.

And so Thinky leaves you, dear reader, with heartfelt thanks and an exhortation to get out there and scratch the film surface. It is a beautiful and serious medium with a rich past. Acquaint yourself with the work of the Masters. Don’t settle for the usual crap. Explore. THINK. See you at the movies.