The Forgotten

With a plot that might’ve been lifted from The X-Files, nothing is quite what it seems in this psychological conspiracy thriller with Julianne Moore doing fine work as a grieving mother whose nine-year-old son was killed in a plane crash.

The ForgottenAt least, that’s what she’s been led to believe, but whenever her husband (Anthony Edwards) tries to convince her that she’s delusional and never had a child, things start to get very spooky indeed.

Dominic West plays a similarly traumatized father, and when they witness some very strange events – and a mysterious man (Linus Roache) who might be indestructible – this glorified B-movie potboiler directed by Joseph Ruben (best known for Dreamscape and The Stepfather) turns into a preposterous but entertaining trip into The Twilight Zone territory.

Featuring Alfre Woodard as an intuitive New York detective and Gary Sinise as a seemingly sympathetic psychiatrist, The Forgotten offers adequate shocks and an intriguing, otherworldly study of tenacious parental instinct. It deserved its mixed reviews, but it’s a fun spook-fest for rainy-day viewing.