Like The Producers, Rent is about two months late. But truly, for a show like Rent, it’s better late than never.

RentIf you missed the November 2005 performance of the musical by the original cast on stage, now is the time to watch one of the most impressive and evocative musicals written in our time.

Rent (check out the Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition) is a show which brings to mind many things that we tend to forget and ignore, in this case, the poor and homeless people living in East Village, New York City, many of whom suffer from AIDS and struggle with life.

Mark and Robert, roommates, learn to experience and appreciate life, one through his camera, the other through a love that he slowly learns to embrace. Rent starts with explosive action, and does not stop till you are left laughing and crying with the characters.

While the stage production is more immediate, the movie is broader in dimension. So don’t miss this wonderful production. And the beautiful songs like La Vie Boheme, Without You or Season of Love.