The Incredibles

I don’t know how people write reviews based on trailers. As someone who has actually SEEN this movie in its entirety (and not just the two minutes of pre-production snippets), I can safely say that this movie is freaking awesome!

The IncrediblesI don’t want to be one of those people who give anything with a Pixar name on it an automatic 5-star rating, but Pixar is the best at what they do. Everyone knows that. But as the kings of the industry, they have to work hard to maintain their #1 spot.

Too often you’ll see companies get a little bit sloppy and bring in the profit based solely on their reputation, so I really wouldn’t mind giving a Pixar movie 3 or 4 stars. But in the case of The Incredibles (check out the Two-Disc Collector’s Edition), I can’t: Its’ a solid 5 stars.

I believe that director Brad Bird (who had previously worked on The Simpsons and Iron Giant) brings a slightly new direction from what we have seen so far from a Pixar film. The humour is more raw and the content is more mature (in comparison to movies like Toy Story), its not the “so sweet it makes your teeth hurt” kind of movie.

Because of Pixar’s dedication to working with very well-resolved screenplays, this movie is both entertaining watching it for the first time but more importantly, it has the substance to make it as enjoyable even after the fifth or sixth viewing.

The action in this is really a new direction for Pixar. There were moments where my legs were shaking because of the suspense and intensity. I hope that Pixar continues to diversify their projects and keep on approaching their movies from fresh new directions. Watch it, it’ll be worth it.