Man on Fire

Government operative Creasy as portrayed by Denzel Washington is a wasted soul who has turned to alcohol after blaming himself for a past he can’t let go.

Man on FireHe goes to Mexico City to meet Rayburn (Christopher Walken), his old buddy and finds himself taking up a job as a bodyguard to Pita (Dakota Fanning), a young girl whose life might be in danger as her parents receive kidnapping threats.

Creasy ends up being quite fond of Pita and also starts to coach her in swimming, military style. Those scenes hold much emotion that reveals his soft side.

Their relationship blossoms and he finds his spirit renewed and starts believing in life again. However, no action movie is complete without any of those ‘pow-wow’ action scenes and the action sure starts when Pita is kidnapped.

Creasy gets pissed mad at those he suspects are responsible and vows to do everything he can to save her. Based on the book by A. J. Quinnell, Man on Fire is directed by Tony Scott who succeeds in crafting an action movie with a very human aspect to it.