Jackass Number Two

This sequel to the 2002 comedy film, Jackass: The Movie, welcomes back the entire main cast of the original, as well as the semi-regular cast members.

Jackass Number Two Jackass Number Two also includes cameos by cult film directors John Waters, Jay Chandrasekhar and Mike Judge. Pro BMX rider Matt Hoffman and skater Tony Hawk both performed stunts.

During filiming, the cast refused to say where they were filming as it resulted in too many fans interfering with the filming process. They also filmed in India, Australia, and Moscow.

The stunts in the trailer include Knoxville riding a “rocket bike” off a ramp and a blindfolded Knoxville being rammed by a yak. The film grossed US$29 million during its opening weekend, taking the number one spot at the box office and grossed an additional $14 million in its second week. Not bad for idiots!