George A. Romero, Land of the Dead

Zombies are the dominant population, and they’ve begun to show signs of undead intelligence and gathering power.

Land of the DeadIn George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (check out the Unrated Director’s Cut), the wealthiest survivors live comfortably in a luxury high-rise within a barricaded safe zone, ignoring the horrors of the outside world while armed scavengers stage raids in the zombie-zone to gather much-needed food and supplies.

Simon Baker and John Leguizamo play mercenaries-for-hire; Dennis Hopper is their nefarious boss; and horror favourite Asia Argento plays a former hooker recruited into Baker’s scavenger squad. With hints of the social satire that made Romero’s earlier zombie films so memorable.

Not so much funny as gruesomely peculiar, Romero’s plot isn’t as inventive as it could’ve been, but delivers a handful of shocks and horror-celebrity cameos that should keep horror buffs happy until the next zombie opus comes along.