A Big Bang Love, Juvenile A

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A is the tale of Ariyoshi Jun (Matsuda Ryuhei), who worked at a gay bar, is sexually violated by a customer, goes into a frenzy and kills the man.

JuvenileWhile being transported to jail, Jun meets another young male: Katzuki Shiro (Ando Masanobu) an impressive youth with curious tattoos and looks that could kill. Shiro soon displays his brute force from the beginning.

The timid Jun is attracted to Shiro’s intensity and strength. Jun is the only person that Shiro opens up to as they accept each other for who they are.

A guard witnesses an incident. One of the young men strangles another prisoner with all his might in a common area. The corpse has breathed his last breath. It’s Shiro. Tears flow down the face of the young man who turns to the guard. It’s Jun.