We Were Soldiers

Prostitution comes on many levels. It doesn’t necessarily mean the toothless whore playing with your balls while she tries to break your will with phrases like: “Let me suck you, $20.”

We Were SoldiersNo, no, no. Such decadent acts can come in forms far more depraved and sick than any cheap, disease-ridden human being. They come in films too. Just go see Mel Gibson’s latest piece of crap We Were Soldiers (check out the Widescreen Edition). It’s a war movie.

I like war movies… maybe it’s because I am completely desensitized from an overdose of violence on the tele when I was a young lad, or perhaps it has something to do with too much G.I. Joe, but regardless, I find it pleasurable to watch people get their limbs blown off by hand grenades on the big screen.

All in good taste of course, just as long as it lends a clear message about how war is wrong and whatever the hell else movies like those try to say… same thing everytime around isn’t it? Well, probably not, but then again We Were Soldiers doesn’t do anything to break this trend.

You ever seen Hamburger Hill? Platoon Leader? (no, no, not Platoon, I mean Platoon Leader). Or even that monstrous pile of celluloid shit, Uncommon Valour with Gene Hackman and Randall “Tex” Cobb? Well this isn’t as bad as that, but it comes pretty close.

Let me lay it down: Mel Gibson is the hero and teams up with some guy named Snakeshit and muster up a bunch of kids, including that doofus Chris Klein, to run off to Vee-it-Naym and help rid the world of Communism.


All the while Gibson’s sick-o fetish regarding General Custer keeps creeping in to temp us with ridiculous metaphors. Yeah we all know the story… so much in fact that so I see no point in going on. Trust me you’ve seen this film before and you’ve seen it done better and done worse.

This is an average remake of the countless piles of grabage that have been shelled out over the past 30+ years regarding that sad and pointless war. This film will do everything in it’s power to make you cry what you have already cried over. To reflect upon what is already polished with reflection., there’s only so many times one can say he’s sorry.

Only so many times one can feel grief. War’s over man, and just because I wasn’t there, doesn’t mean I won’t remember and teach my children or why I’ll do everything in my power to keep them from repeating such the shame of humanity such as war. But do we really need to see it exploited again and again?

Thinky says: Send this over to Vic and guess what happens…