Herbie: Fully Loaded

Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) is the first Peyton to graduate from college.

Herbie: Fully LoadedHer dad wants to buy her a 250Z, but instead she picks an old Volkswagen Beetle (Herbie).

Herbie – Fully Loaded is a Disney remake of the self-driving Beetle is a fun casual watch, and Lindsay Lohan looks good, even with her freckles on.

Herbie is restored by Kevin (Justin Long) and after that, it’s just a lot of silly stunt moves and cheap laughs. Maggie then goes to the car show, where she defeats all-time racer Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon), following which he demands a rematch. Herbie loses the next round, and insists on joining the Daytona 500 (not the arcade game, the real one). It’s a show about car racing made silly for a girl, and a nice show to bring the kids to. But as with so many remakes, it fails to really excel.