Brokeback Mountain

In a week’s time, one of the most significant movies of our time will hit the projection screen. Significant not because Krystof Kiewslowski made it, or because it cost $200 million to make, but because it will have two men making out on screen and more.

Brokeback MountainAnd we just know it’s gonna make a lot of people uncomfortable. But I truly have to applaud the Singapore government for finally deciding to confront something that pervades every Asian society, except perhaps India. Homophobia.


While most guys might find the idea of two gals making out hot, two guys making out raises all sorts of rude comments. Interestingly, the reverse doesn’t seem to always be the case for women. What seems to be at the heart of this issue appears to be some fear of emasculation.

While a lot of people might say that gays are a part of society which aren’t mainstream, and so can be sidelined, I say, shut your gaps you rude assholes. Celebrate our diversity, and the people who know how to dress and party.

Unfortunately, while the movie screen is moving on and welcoming the people who have plenty of money to spend, the government still isn’t willing to accept their lifestyle. Well, hopefully enough people will read this article and push the government to not outlaw whatever it is people want to do behind closed doors.

Brokeback Mountain Poster

Brokeback Mountain (check out the Widescreen Edition) is a great movie which breaks the boundaries of common conventions and brings into focus a topic only discussed in independent films so far: homosexuality.

Watch it to challenge yourself, to break your own mental restrictions, and perhaps, to understand a little bit of a society different from yours and the “normal” way of life. And if you’re gay, watch it cos there’s two hot guys making out on the big screen. Something for everyone.