World Trade Center

Oliver Stone‘s film World Trade Center (check out the Widescreen Edition), bombed at the box office and came in a very weak third to two other movies, which were not even notable.

World Trade CenterYet Oliver Stone supporters say that the movie did the best of any Oliver Stone films ever? But if it bombed both in Europe and the US in its first week what does that say about Oliver Stone and his other movies; ouch?

Basically the movie took in under 19 million and did not even get close to 20 million or the other 911 movie, which made 27 million in its debut.

That race car comedy kicked its butt in the opening week with 90 plus million in the last two weeks and beat World Trade Centre during its second week and just prior to going to DVD?

Oliver Stone appears to be losing his perceived edge in the market place and perhaps will end up going into early retirement? Those who saw the movie have made mixed comments, I thought the movie could have been much better and some of the family members were not impressed with it either.

Despite all the hype it appears that Americans are over this 911 attack and just would rather watch silly mindless films than to see another Oliver Stone flick. Too bad for Oliver Stone and company, but that’s just show business.