White Chicks

Just when you thought you’ve seen enough comedies that possess some of the craziest plots, one just hits you in the face complete with thick lewd jokes.

White ChicksThe premise of White Chicks (be sure to order the Unrated and Uncut Edition) is simple – two black policemen in drag, trying to pass off as a pair of white ‘hot’ chicks in order to mislead some kidnappers. Think lots and lots of white body paint, blond wigs and loads of prosthetics. It is a wonder how the guys can manage to strut in those killer heels.

The men in question are brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans, who star as FBI agents Kevin and Marcus Copeland. Together, under their white disguise, they find themselves having to live as the Wilson sisters, Tiffany (Anne Dudek) and Brittany (Maitland Ward) and catch the potential kidnappers.

Taking on the personas of two rich white heiresses couldn’t be more difficult for the boys who try their darnest to not give themselves away. Though wacky and hilarious, the movie tends to be quite a drag (pun intended) with their repeated attempts at making racial and gender jokes.