Shrek 2

Princesses are stunning beauties who dream night and day of Prince Charming.

Shrek 2Both meet, share a passionate kiss, tie the knot and what happens next? They live happily ever after…, or do they? Wake up to reality my friend.

Any discerning adult would know that is utter crap. Fairytales are make believe and what really happens in those tales is none too fantastic.


What happened to the cliches? Apparently in the real world, Ogres get to marry princesses and donkeys just ramble on as noisy sidekicks.

In Shrek 2 (check out the Widescreen Edition) the sequel, Shrek (Mike Myers) reprises his role as the green ‘ugly, yet adorable’ monster that charms THE Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz). This second animated installation by DreamWorks Pictures sees the newly weds returning to Princess Fiona’s homeland – the kingdom of “Far, Far Away”. Chaos ensues when the Princess’s parents are visibly displeased with their far from handsome son-in-law.

The couple tries to share some martial bliss but disrupted by more ‘evil’ plans, as usual. Why aren’t we surprised?

Apparently, the fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) is pissed that her son Prince Charming (Rupert Everett) has lost to an ogre. And you thought fairies were supposed to be good didn’t you? Time to dispel that belief my friend. It seems King Harold (John Cleese), Fiona’s father had made a pact with the very feisty Godma. Remember how Princess Fiona turned back into a green being not quite unlike Shrek?

Well, in case you were wondering, the curse that plagues Fiona will only be lifted after she kisses the Prince. Fuming mad, King Harold employs the help of a professional ogre-slayer; a cat armed with a sword. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Puss-in-Boots (Antonio Banderas).

Shrek 2 is certainly a refreshing animation to take heart in. Its unconventional storyline is different and provides lots of high paced action with some generous slaps of comedic relief. Thank goodness too for Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Shrek’s irritating partner-in-crime who never fails to deliver. This sequel brings a whole new meaning to the term fairy tales. I like mine with a twist.