Mission Almost Impossible Done (MAID)

Mission Almost Impossible Done (MAID)

In the highest halls of government, corruption is threatening to shred the moral fabric of Thailand.

Dirty politicians plot against the welfare of the people in an attempt to line their own pockets. Enter a motley crew of country girls, rank amateurs who know nothing about espionage but a whole lot about snooping and sweeping.

Enter the team of M.A.I.D. Armed only with their wits and dustpans, Waew, Jim, Cat and Aey wage a not quite secret war against big time corruption.

From one disastrous mission to the next, these ladies prove that when government gets dirty, it’s time to send in the cleaners! A hilarious tale of intrigue, hi-jinks and slapstick mayhem from the director of Thailand’s breakout comedy smash, The Iron Ladies. Four country girls on a crusade against big city crime- taking out the trash has never been so funny!