Me, Myself

Beatened and robbed, a man staggers, only to be hit by a car driven by a woman named Oom. Feeling sorry, Oom brings the man to her apartment. The man, it turns out, has developed amnesia. The doctor finds nothing wrong, except that he can’t remember anything about his prior life. He’s given a journal and urged to free associate to recall his past life.

Me, MyselfAnother character in Me, Myself

is Oom, who is experiencing trouble in her own life. Recently broken up with a domineering boyfriend, she’s also caring for the son of her dead sister. Initially, she is stressed and angry, but he proves useful around the house and as a father figure by Ohm.

He builds up the self esteem and confidence she lost in her relationship and seems to instinctively know things about femininity, such as what dress Oom should wear and what shade of lipstick is appropriate.

Eventually the memories of the past catch up with him. Taking some numbers he wrote in his journal, he retraces his steps to the scene of the car accident, and eventually finds the numbers are an address to a house. The home belongs to a man whom he had a homosexual relationship with.

Meanwhile, the police call have some items recover his mobile phone. and have already called his friends from Phuket on their way to Bangkok to claim the phone and find out more about their missing friend. The friends, it turns out, are all katoey dancers in a transvestite cabaret, where Tan was the star attraction.