Letters From Iwo Jima

Uncommon valor was a common virtue, as we discover in Letters from Iwo Jima (check out the Two-Disc Special Edition), Clint Eastwood’s companion film to his acclaimed Flags of Our Fathers.

Letters From Iwo JimaThis time the story of Iwo Jima is told from the perspective of two good friends serving in the Japanese forces, who watch helplessly throughout various battles as their comrades are killed.

This film’s makers hope to put the viewer into the heart of the conflict and witness possibly the greatest WWII battle ever filmed. Not to glorify war. Not to make a pro-war or an anti-war film.

The filmmakers don’t want to make a statement. They want to let actions speak louder than words. Clint Eastwood has said that he does “not want to make another [email protected]# John Wayne film”. He wants to show the real war.