Kiss of the Dragon

Kiss of the Dragon is very cool! Here’s a movie that gives you exactly what you’re looking for, if all you’re looking for is kickass action, some hardcore stunts and Jet Li slam-dunking everyone in sight!

Kiss of the DragonKiss of the Dragon also moves fast in nice surroundings (Paris, baby!) and gives us one of the best bad guys that I’ve seen all year; Tcheky Karyo who is the devil incarnate in this film.

He is pure evil. They should have called this movie Bad Lieutenant 2 as Keitel has nothing on this man.

But alas, in what should’ve been the break-out film for Jet Li, how could it go wrong? Many of the story elements of this film are blatant rip-offs of The Professional. Cool cinematic moments do not make a movie.

When will people learn this? But I still thought this movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it. There are lots of bad american action movies, too many people are critical of Asian action movies. Sit back and enjoy the action, a great story is important in any film, but not as critical in action movies. Just watch any of the Van Damme and Seagal movies, etc…