It’s All Gone Pete Tong

Frankie was one of Europe’s most talented DJs and a main attraction for hedonistic youth each holiday season in Ibiza, Spain.

It's All Gone Pete TongFrankie lived life over the top: the clubs, the parties, the women and the drugs. But the years of pounding music and heavy toxins took their toll, leaving Frankie stone deaf.

His fans, record deal, manager, wife and stepson soon disappeared. The good times gone, Frankie isolated himself in his villa for a year under a pile of self-pity and a mountain of drugs. In other words, It’s All Gone Pete Tong.

Determined to pull himself together, Frankie hired a lip-reading instructor, accepting a new way of life and rediscovering the dance rhythms that had defined him. His ultimate redemption returned him to the top of the scene with a renewed connection to the almighty beat. And then, he disappeared.