Here’s a caveat for fans of the Catwoman comics: the movie version morphs into an entity of its own with characters and plots altered, sharing few similarities with the original Selina Kyle save for the feline powers of Catwoman (check out the Widescreen Edition).

However, here the beautiful Halle Berry plays Patience Philips with natural catlike grace, bringing her own pathos to the character.

A socially-challenged, sensitive, graphic artist, Philips is facing her own inner demons at work. Soon, she uncovers a conspiracy within her company, Hedare Beauty, a cosmetics megacorp and subsequently she becomes Catwoman – lethal, fast, powerful.

What she does with her powers fighting in the grey area between good and evil is Philips greatest test. Like all comic superheroes, Catwoman shares a certain similar fate – she’s accused of crimes she did not commit and must prove her innocence and goodwill to all. In the love arena, Philips falls for Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt), a cop drawn to both Patience and her alter-ego Catwoman.

Plot hooks aside, there’s something strangely satisfying about watching Berry kick butt in a sexy get out and spiffy heels. Mary Jane’s classic line to Peter Parker in Spiderman 2, “Go get them, tiger” seems a whole lot more appropriate here.